The Town of Gosnold, the smallest of the 351 towns in Massachusetts, is made up of the Elizabeth Islands; Nonamesset, Uncatena, Weepecket, Gull, Naushon, Pasque, Nashawena, Penikese and Cuttyhunk.  Town government is located on Cuttyhunk and there are about 115 registered voters.

The Board of Selectmen meet bimonthly and Annual Town Meeting is held the third Monday in May. There are about 20 year round residents on Cuttyhunk and a few others Nashawena and Naushon.

There is a one room school house on Cuttyhunk,  students on Naushon commute to the mainland to go to school. Cuttyhunk is home to many summer residents, visitors and tourist, known for being a quiet summer retreat and a first class fishing destination.

The Town of Gosnold consists of the Elizabeth Islands, off the coast of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Cuttyhunk Island is where the Gosnold Town Hall is located and this is where town business is conducted.  Gosnold Massachusetts was incorporated in 1864.

Cuttyhunk is serviced by Cuttyhunk Ferry Company and Cuttyhunk Water Taxi from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

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